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Netball League

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A-team were , Isahak , Rihanna, Yasmin ,Yan, Hudayfa , Shani and Heavenly .

B– Team were Shubert , Aishah.a, Fatin, Sumaya, Makaila, Peter, Sami, Rhoan .

On Wednesday 1st February 2017 Vauxhall’s netball team competed in a league on Vauxhalls grounds .The teams won all their matches. The organiser of the competition said that both teams did great and he also added that there were 13 school from all over London ,some from the south some from the north and some middle.

By Munira, Year 6

Year 3/4 Gymnastics

On Friday 3rd February 2017, the Yr 3 and 4 Gymnastics Team, who were Ellie, Mcckayla,

Younes, Nariana, Abdulraham, Zharick and Geyana, took part in the Lambeth gymnastics competition at Streatham and Clapham Prep School.

They were really excited and wanted to get a good score. Before they started the competition, they practised their routines and tried different combinations. The team competed very well, and Zharick commented that “ my cartwheels were good because my legs were straight and stretched”. Overall in the competition, they came out third and did a great job doing the school proud.

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Year 5/6 Gymnastics

IMG_0865 IMG_0932On Friday 10th February 2017, Yan, Jessica, Peter, Hudayfa,

Heavenly , Rihanna, Shani , competed in the Lambeth gymnastics competition in La Retraite school.

After warming up they took part in the vault, floor routine (including cart wheels ,splits) and the body management. Jessica commented “ I’m nervous but I am determined that we will be in the top 3.” Finally the results of the competition are that they came 7th out 15 other schools. Congrats to the team.

By Rafael 😀


Boys Football

The football team have made a good start to the season in the Ferndale Football league. They are undefeated having won 6 matches and drawn 1 and are top of the table. Well done to Abdulwahab, Sami, Peter, Yan, Hudayfa, Shubert, Zubair, Isahak and Adrian.

football 1 football 2

Tag Rugby

rugby1 rugby2 rugby3

The Tag Rugby team had a very successful season finishing undefeated.

In the Moving Matters competition, the team won all 4 matches and were crowned champtions. At the Lambeth competition, the team beat St Stephens 1-0, beat Rosendale 2-0, drew with Bonneville 1-1 and drew with Telferscot 0-0, to finish second in their group. Congratulation to the team Rihanna, Shanii, Heavenly, Jessica, Yan, Hudayfa, Isahak, Peter, Amiron, Jevon and Mustaf (Moving Matters)




Girls Cricket

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On Friday 20th May, the girls cricket team competed in The Lambeth School Games. Some good batting performances led them to beat Bonneville 242-207, St Mark’s 282-242 and St Saviors 272-260, to win their group.

They came up against a strong batting performance from Heathbrook in the semi finals who won 296-272.

Well done to the team and especially Manuella for her batting and fielding skills and Heavenly for her fielding awareness and wicket keeping.

Tag Rugby

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Year 3 and 4 participated in The Moving Matters Tag Rugby competition. The won all their matches to win their group. In the top knock out group, the team played well and were narrowly beaten to finish 3rd overall.

Well played Isahak, Sami, Peter, Tiago, Sumaya, Mariah, Geyana and Amiron.

Well done to Isahak, Geyena, Peter and Amiron for scoring tries.



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On Friday 22nd April, the Year 3 and 4 mini tennis team competed in the Lambeth Games. They played really well and won all their games. They will now face the top 4 schools in Lambeth for a place in the London Youth Games.

Well done to Isahak, Ameer, Peter, Geyena and Ayona.

Tri Golf

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On Wednesday 23rd March, Year 5 competed in the Lambeth Tri Golf Competition. Team no 1 played very well and won the competition, scoring 200 points more than 2nd place. Also well done to Team 2 and 3 who placed 3rd and 4th.

Vauxhall will now represent Lambeth at The London Youth Games later in the year.



The Oval Cluster Tennis Festival took place on Wednesday 13th April. The Year 3 and 4 tennis team performed very well.

Congratulations to the following children.image

Boys – 1st Isahak, 3rd Ameer, 4th Mikey, 5th Peter, 6th Sami

Girls – 1st Geyana, 6th Ayona, Shakeirah, Sumaya, Makaila.

Thanks you to the Year 5 tennis leaders who were the umpires for the day.