The Beautiful Bird by Samira

The Beautiful Bird

See me climb above,
Them I’d be the queen of the dove.

Once I fly,
A bird would say ‘My, oh my!’

For how my feathers would glow,
And feel the wind below.

Higher and higher I would be,
Nearly touching the sun, oh dear me!

I feel fire hurting my feathers,
As Thor would the weathers.

Falling and falling,
Down, down, down,
CRASH! All The animals came with a frown.



Eddie The Penguin Saves The World!

This year for our Whole School production we will be performing ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves The World!’

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World! is a winter themed play all about environmental issues, from recycling to saving
water and gas.

You can practice all the songs at home by using these media players! :

‘The Melting Song’:

‘W’ere Great Big Polar Bears’:

‘The Walking Song’:

‘If You’re feeling cool, dress hot!’


‘The Recycling Song’:

‘One World’:

Please practice these songs as much as possible so that you know all of the words off by heart for the play!