Eddie The Penguin Saves The World!

This year for our Whole School production we will be performing ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves The World!’

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World! is a winter themed play all about environmental issues, from recycling to saving
water and gas.

You can practice all the songs at home by using these media players! :

‘The Melting Song’:

‘W’ere Great Big Polar Bears’:

‘The Walking Song’:

‘If You’re feeling cool, dress hot!’


‘The Recycling Song’:

‘One World’:

Please practice these songs as much as possible so that you know all of the words off by heart for the play!

Modern art

IMG_1628 IMG_1629

Manuela’s (left) and Daniel’s (right) artwork are fine examples of their impressions of the modern artists we have studied this term.

Breathe easy…


In science, Year 6 have been studying the respiratory system, which includes the heart, the lungs, blood and all other weird and wonderful things going on inside our bodies, and we don’t even realise it is happening!

IMG_1620 IMG_1625

Highwayman mind maps

  1. Year 6 had a discussion about what a ‘highwayman’ was, what they were like and the sort of mischievous activities they would get up to. Context is so important when trying to understand a text. IMG_1622

Amazing Angles within a triangle

Year 6 have just finished their Numeracy topic on angles. Our last skill to achieve was calculating missing angles within a triangle. Tiago completed some beautifully presented work, demonstrating the objective and showing his working out. Can you remember what all the angles in a triangle add up to?

Tiago Angles In A Triangle 1Tiago Angles In A Triangle 2

Alien Invasion!

Last week we wrote our own newspaper articles about a recent space ship crash in Kennington Park. Tiago wrote a particularly thrilling piece, full of description and quotes from eye-witnesses. Have a read, then we would love to know what you think!

Tiago Alien