Siobhan Davies Dance – Yum and Yuck

Today in Science we were looking at different tastes and smells that make us go “Yum!” Or “Yuck!” We tasted and smelt lots of different foods in the classroom, then explored what our bodies do when we taste or smell something yum or yuck through dance. IMG_0164

Eddie The Penguin Saves The World!

This year for our Whole School production we will be performing ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves The World!’

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World! is a winter themed play all about environmental issues, from recycling to saving
water and gas.

You can practice all the songs at home by using these media players! :

‘The Melting Song’:

‘W’ere Great Big Polar Bears’:

‘The Walking Song’:

‘If You’re feeling cool, dress hot!’


‘The Recycling Song’:

‘One World’:

Please practice these songs as much as possible so that you know all of the words off by heart for the play!

Jevon’s Frozen fairy tale

In year two we were developing our story writing skills. We looked at one of our favourite fairy tales ‘Frozen’ and completed a range of work around the characters and story before writing our own.
Take a look at Jevon’s lovely re-telling of Frozen.


Welcome to Year 2’s class blog!

This blog will be used to showcase children’s excellent work and allow other children in the class to comment on it.

Enjoy looking at Year 2’s work from this term,

From Miss Westlake