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Mouse Meets Snake by Hudayfa Year 4

Narrator: The mouse walked through the deep damp woods. A snake saw the mouse and the mouse looked juicy.

Snake: Where are you where are you going little brown fat mouse? Come here and have lunch in my log pile house. (Strangles and slithers around the mouse)

Mouse: (Choking) Its terribly kind of you but I am meeting a Gruffalo for lunch.

Snake: A Gruffalo, what’s a Gruffalo? (Still strangling the mouse)

Mouse: (Can’t breathe, then snake lets go) Ha ha ha A Gruffalo? Why didn’t you know? He has orange eyes and black tongue and purple prickles all over his back.

Snake: Purple freckles with his back! Where are you meeting him?

Mouse: By this lake. Oh yes his favourite food is scrambled snake.

Snake: (Screaming) SSSSscrambled snake! It is time I hid. (crashes into the log pile house)

Mouse: (Calming down) Silly old snake doesn’t he know there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo.

Narrator: On went the mouse through the deep dark wood.

The Brave Dragon Slayer by Shubert Year 4

Boldly, the brave dragon slayer rode through the medieval village on a strong powerful steed as the amazed villagers glared on his Royalness. He arrived at a dusty cavern. There was nothing but rock and sand. He was surrounded by scree of orange rock like he was in a gladiator arena (almost). The copper sand was reflective, it seemed to glow.


Leon And The Place Between by Jessica Year 4

Inside the box was not a box, it was a world of doorways to somewhere else. Leon fell down, down, down until you fell on a big fat soft cloud. Then you saw his best friend Anna, she was wearing a pink silky jumpsuit.

Anna and Leon were talking about where they were.

“Anna, do you know where we are?” mumbled Leon.

“We are in the candy world of magic” screamed Anna with excitement.

“Why are we here?” shouted Leon as he stared at Anna.

“We are the chosen ones.” whispered Anna. “In here we had to take challenges and investigate to earn our freedom, I have been here for 10 years because I didn’t accomplish them, but together we can.”

Anna and Leon did the challenges and accomplished them but one thing happened. Anna hurt her foot so Leon had to carry Anna out of the box. Leon had to take the prize, the prize was an everlasting bag. When you wanted something say out loud put your hand in the bag and take it out you have what you wanted.

The Spider and The Fly by Caleb Year 6

Setting: Pitch black, bleak and isolated mansion.

Scene 1: Outside the dusty window the clock strikes 12a.m.

Narrator: On the bad side of town warehouses are never used until now…   a fly stopped at one house to gently tapped the circular window.

Scene 2: Inside the grimy attic the fly hovers from stage left to stage right.

Fly: (Speaking in the past voice) Hello? HELLO! Goodness there are so many spider webs! (The spider comes down swiftly from the ceiling)

Spider: (Charmingly) Hi! (taking a bow) Will you walk into my parlour?

Fly: (In a confident voice) NO! For who goes up your winding stairs never comes down again!

Scene 3: In the weird looking parlour the spider is chilling on his chair wearing a smoking jacket.

Ghost 1: ( Shaky) Should we warn her?

Ghost : 2 (With a laugh) No not yet!

World War Two Diary by Dante Year 6

I have a dream that this World War will come to immediately. My heart sank when I realise what was going on around the world, especially how some children were thrown into the concentration camp to suffer and mourn all day in the cold and windy weather. Every day after school likes sneaked past the soldiers to give the children food through the chambers of misery and torment. I gave a loaf of wholemeal bread (the finest of them all), a pot of jam and a jar of honey. I feel sympathy for the children. Every time I come I can see the dismal looks on their faces but I know they are grateful

How does the water cycle work? by Omari Year 6

The water cycle is the continuous cycle of water between land, sea and air. Many people refer to this as the hydrological cycle. Without water we will not survive. In addition water helps farmers grow crops, gardeners grow plants and to feed us humans and other animals all over the world. Did you know that our body is made of 70% water! Isn’t that fascinating to hear?

Firstly, evaporation is when water is heated by the sun’s rays and turns into water vapour. Evaporation depends on temperature as is slow when the temperature is cold and faster when it is hot.

Next is condensation. Condensation starts when clouds are formed and it starts to rain. When the rain drops and the temperature gets really low it falls as snow, hail or sleet. Then it falls onto mountains and.  If you leave a water drop on a table or counter it will eventually form back into clouds, and the cycle goes all over again!

The Spider and the Fly by Christina Year 6

Setting: It’s a cold full moon night some clouds in the sky. In an old abandoned mansion, there is only one room the light on – the attic

Scene one: In the dirty attic. The fly comes in tiptoeing elegantly from stage right looking around. With a grin on his face the spider slowly, calmly approaches the fly from stage right.

Spider: (Welcoming voice and smile on his face)

Will you walk into my parlour? Tis’ the prettiest little parlour, up a winding stair. I have many curious things to show you when you are there.

Fly: (Kindly, delicately and poshly)

Oh no, no to ask me is in vain, for who goes up the winding stairs can never, never come down again.

Scene two: The fly stands in front of the spider and listens carefully. The spider is sitting very contentedly. His attitude has not changed, he is still a gentleman. The ghosts come from stage left and they looked worried.

Spider: (Truthful and inviting voice)

I’m sure you must be wear dear, with soaring up so high, will you rest upon my little bed? There are pretty curtains drawn around the sheets are fine and thin, and if you like to rest a while, I’ll snugly tuck you in!

Flying Pigs by Tiago Year 3

One snowy morning disaster occurred. Random pigs started flying in Vauxhall City Farm. It was a huge problem, especially for the farmer, because he wouldn’t have any pork chops for the shops to sell and he wouldn’t have any breakfast to eat. What could he do? He called Detective Smith, a worldwide national detective. He is very smart and independent and rich. He uses his money to buy things like radars, computer trackers and stuff like that. He always says “I can solve this no sweat”. The farmer is concerned about him, but the farmer is wrong….

Tuesday by Angel Year 3

One day some frogs were sleeping on lily pads when the lily pad started to fly. The frogs were having so much fun. They passed the park and found a house. They saw through window and the man saw them as he was about to start to eat his sandwich. Then they went to the garden but they couldn’t see where they were going. They then went inside the house where granny was sleeping and the cat was sleeping as well. Then they went out of the house and the lily pad stopped flying and the frogs fell and fell. The frogs jumped back to the lake and then the man who was eating a sandwich was on television. A detective was staring at the lily pads and was looking for footprints. At the end pig started to fly!