Year 6 Authors

An adventure story by Aisha Year 6

Swish Splash where was I?

“Brrr, it is so cold and breezy,  brrr!” shivered Sam.  Bang CRASH!

“Help! Help!”  Said the young boy.  Suddenly Sam fell towards the sandy floor causing him to have a gigantic wound on his sweaty forehead. Veins were popping up on his head.  Boom Boom Blink! Eventually he woke up to find his friends surrounding him like tall trees giving Sam shade from the changing weather.

“I’m getting flashbacks” said Sam in a stuttering voice.   Splash!

“Something’s coming towards the shore, get back!”  shouted Tom, while they all began carrying Sam until the enormous abandoned ship came onto the shore. They began kicking a sandy box which was shimmering because of the sun. Despite how freaky they thought the box was they went towards it. Click!  Slowly Sam began revealing the damaged,  damp and filthy box.  Inside the mystery box was a damp ancient treasure map. Eventually flies began surrounding the treasure map. Buzz Buzz!  Finally they fixed the ship and headed towards the eerie, spooky cave, that was filled with treasure, gold coins and many jewels.

“Oops we’re in trouble” spluttered Sam.

“Enemies ahoy!” shouted Tom as they all began panicking.  Suddenly, there was a big bang CRASH!  Despite all the injuries from the shocking crash (which only happened because the enemies drove rapidly into our ship) we all began swimming towards the cave like Olympic swimmers.  “Finally we’re here, come on.” explained Johnny in an excited squeaky voice.  They grabbed all the money they could. Do you want to know how they use the treasure? Well they used it to get home, find their families and live a happy life, but to their surprise they were all Pirates!

“Aaaaaaaaaaagh!” screamed Sam.



Persuasive writing about gangs by Lemar Year 6

Only a fool, who has no common sense would have the audacity to think that joining a gang is cool. Many people like to join gangs for money, power, love and support. A variety of people don’t understand that if you join a gang you can get a £5,000 fine and get severely scarred for life. Is it worth it? Losing your family, friends and life? Did you know young offenders are young people that that commit crime. Would you seriously like that to be your child? So, what exactly is a gang? A gang is a group of people that listen to bad music and don’t care what people think. A gang is also a group of people who always wear balaclavas and  swag with their shorts or trousers down. Often gangs like to do their robbing, marauding, drug dealing and other stuff at night so they don’t get caught. This is because the consequences of getting caught are either going to prison or dying. Would you like that to be your child?

The consequences of joining a gang? The consequences of joining a gang are that you can really get hurt and also you can go to jail. Did you know that if you are in a gang and they are getting ready to fight or steal and you are there when the police arrive, they can still arrest you.  Would you like that to be your child or family? Think about it?


A  warning story by Ahlam Year 6

“Remember to not go into the basement where all the barbed wires are.” said Mum.  As soon as Mum left it was only me and my brother.  John, my brother ran upstairs to play video games.  I slowly trotted to the room next to the basement, I was as scared as a butterfly and I tingled with excitement while my hand was on the door knob. I asked myself should I do this. I thought it was early, only  9 a.m.

Curiously, I opened the door, CREAK…. . My heart was pounding, I was terrified. I’m worried.  Maliciously I strolled down the old wooden stairs. As soon as I stepped on the floor I got tangled up.  I thought I heard whispers surrounding me.  I could hear the door closing. I was alone and helpless. Kicking the barbed wire out of the way while shouting John came running down the stairs and helped me.  “What happened?” John shouted.  John was tempted to go to see for himself, what was behind the curious looking wiry door. Bang crash. “What was that?” ” It was nothing “I replied. I was terrified.  Suddenly, an idea popped into John’s mind, he really wanted to go inside, CREAK… In the distance there was a door.  Miraculously we laughed together. We were as happy as birds in the basement. The door looks brand new. We both were hearing things.  John pelted the door, bang knock knock! We slowly open the door. Mum arrived just in time, but we forgot to close the door. Mum was furious. She was like a bull in a china shop. Then she stepped in. “I told you, I even warned you!” she shouted. “John your sister could have been electrocuted.  You are both grounded for a week!”

“We’ve learned our lesson Mum” we gabbled.


Terrible Tuesday for Harltown by Mariam Year 6

Over the last 48 hours Harltown residents have been experiencing strange incidents, to do with the following; slime, pondweed, lily pads and puddles of water with leaves.

Toads take strolls in Harltown.

Suspicious reports were documented of hearing croaks early from twilight to the time of 7 a.m.  All around town items from private establishments have been taken and been replaced with a certain substance believed to be slime.  All around town, residents have been advised to study CCTV from Tuesday to Wednesday for more answers.

Early on the Wednesday September 28th 2008 an elderly lady, named Marjorie Smith, claimed that she awoke finding lily pads and slime in her living room. “My cat Fluffy was too afraid to enter the room, instead she was under my bed and she hates small spots!”  Mrs Smith commented.

The incident with the toads made the town crazy. A young gentleman, John Harris,  insisted on reporting highly bizarre knowledge and further sightings.  Such as tapping on window sills, missing laundry and his neighbour’s dog sleeping under a tree in the backyard. He continued informing us about strange noises, thinking it was a trick from early daylight.  Soon enough the morning police informed him it was the truth. Time for toads to rip it out of here.  Currently the police are investigating the slime. More detective fishermen are hired to give details about the fish. Soon we will close in the roads, watch CCTV,  news and much more. If more details are wanted you can find out more on, or if you have information please contact. 0200 57683 immediately.


A story focusing on techniques that build suspense by Hudayfa Year 6

I was walking for four days in the lonely desert. No, water to drink, no, food to eat, I thought I would die. Crash! I passed out. I woke up in this weird looking room. I went out of the spooky room. I cautiously tiptoed around the weird hotel, no one was there. In the distance, I heard the sound of someone crying.

I started to stroll towards the noise. I couldn’t stop myself from going to the peculiar noise. It was like metal attracted to a powerful magnet. In a heart-stopping moment I arrived at the destination of the crying. It was the horrifying room. Suddenly, I saw a lonely shadow of a man squashed in the corner of the room. Tiptoeing quietly I noticed a note in his pocket. I went to grab it. It was a curse. This is what it said,

“Whoever reads this note will be haunted by the Hounds of Hell! ” the shadow was still sobbing.. It was just as the darkness came that the shadow started speaking, but only asking my name. In a cold sweat I responded, “Hudayfa”.

I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night and saw the shadow sleeping on the other bed. In my mind, I thought this was peculiar because shadows are formed when an object blocks light. Anxiously I felt like I should have search the old hotel. The air was still. This is my chance to escape, so, I got closer to the exit, I heard something following me. I looked around, nothing was there.

My spine with tingling. I knew I had to escape. Something grabbed me, it was the shadow,

“You can’t leave, you read the letter, and the hounds of hell are waiting for !”  Urged the shadow. “I don’t care,  I want to leave this prison, and there is nothing you can do about it! “I shouted back.

I took one step out of the hotel…….the Hounds of Hell are coming!!!!!


I can write police interviews as scripts by Rafael Year 6

Policeman: What happened when you woke up?

Old lady: Interestingly, I so slime on my TV remote and on top of me, a few minutes later, I went to make breakfast and I saw my cat for frightened and shivering with fear, she didn’t want to go to the living room.

Policeman: What time did you wake up this morning?

Old lady: Surprisingly, I woke up earlier because I had heard police cars Sirens, but I. Had woke up at 8:30. B&M..

Policeman: What did you notice when you were sleeping?

Old lady: It was the strangest thing, because I was sleeping I could hear croaks, laughter and noises from the TV and I had woke up to see out of the corner of my eye I noticed a frog shaped shadow..

Policeman: Thank you for your time..


Interview with Doug Walker James.

Policeman: Can you explain why there is a lily pad on your dog?

James: Well, in the morning I was walking him and I let him go but he ran away, a few minutes later, he came back to me with a lily pad on top of him.

Policeman: What did you notice when you were out?

James: I noticed a lot of lily pad dropping in the distance; in the sky and saw a shadow of a frog and toad and a toad foot.

Policeman.: What happened after you went home?

James: Nothing really just me and my dog acting strangely.

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