Year 5 Authors

I’m able to discuss my prior knowledge of inventions by Peter year 5

It is said that the idea for the telephone was an accident, how so?

It was an accident. In 1849 Italian engineer Antonio Meucci made the first telephone when he was trying to make a cure for headaches. Meucci thought that electricity could cure headaches. During his experiments he found out that sound travelled through the wires he was using.

Meucci did not make any money from his invention, why was this?

Antonio Meucci did not make any money from his invention because soon after a very similar invention was produced by a man called Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander took this idea, made it better and then made a lot of money from it.

Why was cleaning carpets said to be hard work prior to the invention of the vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning carpets was hard work because people have to drag them outside and beat them around until all of the dust came out and floated into the air. This was until the vacuum cleaner was invented by Hubert Booth in the beginning of the 20th century.

Why do you think his idea was better than other cleaning inventions that were around at the time?

Hubert Booth thought his invention was better than others around at the time because for there weren’t too many other similar ideas and his invention was able to suck up dust and store in inside itself.

Why did Charles Strite decide to invent the pop-up toaster?

Charles Strite decided to invent the pop-up toaster because he was too sick and tired of all his toast getting burnt because he was doing something else.


Persuavsive letter writing by Yezda year 5

Dear Mr Pilkington,

I’m writing to inform you of the fantastic school travel opportunity available to your son Michael. Every year, year 5 pupils are given the opportunity to spend one week living and working on a fantastic farm in Gloucestershire. Some of the activities that Michael will be able to take part are weighing the pigs, finding fossils and making dens. Here are a few more things that your child will be doing; grooming horses, feeding the chickens, sheep horses, cows and pigs. Your child will also be making pizzas and salad. When your child goes to this farm trip they will learn about nature and country life!

From Yezda


I’m able to write a diary entry as a Victorian child at work by Sumaya year 5

Dear diary,

I am so happy I escaped from the workhouse and I found Rosie. One day the man with the square head sold me. I hope he does not take me to the workhouse again . I hope he takes me somewhere near my sister in the countryside. I might find my sister by running away to them and we might live in the same block. I miss the time I was selling fish with Rosie and Shremp. I can’t believe they haven’t taken Shremp but they took me. Maybe if they took Shremp to the workhouse with me and we could escape again, this time to the countryside. I really want to see Rosie again so we can sell fish and boot laces.

I’m sad about leaving my sister but now we have a good life. I don’t have to worry about them, I have to worry about myself, Shremp and Rosie. Rosie was my mum’s only friend, the only friend my mom ever had in her life. She didn’t have any more friends. The man that took me looked scary and freaky to me. I hope he lives in the countryside near my sister. I used to see my sister every day but now look at me. I have no sisters, just me alone with this man .


I am able to retell A Christmas Carol in my own words by Tiago year 5

Once there was an old man whose Scrooge. He was very selfish and only cared about money. He also had a clerk to work with it but the clerk barely had anything and didn’t get paid enough money so he was poor. One day Scrooge’s nephew came to visit. He shouted “Why hello uncle do you know that tomorrow is Christmas uncle?”

Scrooge muttered “Bah humbug”

“ Christmas a humbug uncle?” shouted Scrooge’s nephew. “I hate to see you this way come dine with us tomorrow?”

“No, Good afternoon” said Scrooge.

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, then he left .

Two men then came to visit Scrooge. One of them said “Scrooge we need some of your money for the poor people in the workhouse because some people would rather die”.

Scrooge said “Well if they would rather die then they better do it soon so it would decrease the population. Good Afternoon.”

Then the two men said “Good Afternoon” . The reason Scrooge does not Christmas was because of Marley. He died on Christmas day seven years ago. That’s is why Scrooge hates Christmas. When it was the end of the day Scrooge walked home and so did the clerk. When Scrooge got home he sat down on his chair and heard a noise. It sounded like dragging heavy chains. Scrooge also heard bells ringing and footsteps . Scrooge had butterflies in his stomach. Suddenly a ghost appeared right in front of him, He was frightened so he asked the ghost who it was. The ghost said that he was Marley.


I am able to retell a Christmas Carol by  ???? year 5

A long time ago there was a man named Scrooge. It was the time near Christmas and everyone was happy. All except one, and that mine was Scrooge. Scrooge was at work with his employee, the clerk. “This I can’t understand, just because it’s Christmas you get a day off” angrily exclaimed Scrooge. Then the clerk replied

“It’s quite convenient”

“It’s not convenient! I want to see you here earlier next morning” demanded Scrooge.

Then they both set off home. Scrooge walked into the fog so no one could see his face, he liked it like that. Once he got home he was unlocking his door he notice the face on the door knocker was Marley. Marley was an old work partner that died that very night seven years ago.

“M M M Marley? Jacob Marley?” Scrooge said as the door knocker turn back to normal. Scrooge sat in his room with his fireplace lit. Suddenly bells started ringing all over the house then Marley came through the door and shouted

“You have made a grave mistake by focusing on money!”

“You’re not real, you’re just a piece of undigested fleck of underdone potato.2 whispered Scrooge.

“AHHHHHHHH!” screamed Marley.

“You’re real aren’t you” whimpered Scrooge.

“You will be visited by three phantoms. Two 12 a.m. and the last at 1 a.m.” The phantom said as he jumped onto the window. When Scrooge woke up he was greeted by a glowing woman.

“W-W-W what are you? Wait are you the ghost that’s????? Asked Scrooge.

“Yes I am the ghost of your past” the ghost said as they teleported through time lines.

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