The Deadly Gorgons by Peter Year 4

Long ago before the beginning of time, in the land of the heavens there lived two gods called Zeus and Poseidon. They had a brother called Hades. There were three deadly Gorgons called Deadly Medusa, Poisonous Medusa and Dark Medusa. They planned on destroying the mystical planet Saturn, but Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were strong, brave, smart and cunning and would do anything to save the beautiful world of Saturn. They were prepared to fight the ugly, evil gorgons and travel on their magic pet dragons all the way to a slimy ugly cave. They arrived there almost instantly because how fast the dragons arrive. The battle began and it was thr4ee versus three. The battle was nearly over. The gods were strong; Zeus used his bolts and killed the three disgusting, evil, nasty gorgons. The three gods flew home on their three dragons. They lived happily until another monster landed on the planet.

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