Pirate Story by Yan

On the sunny side of the sea the crew were working very hard and the one-legged captain called Hook left to see the cook. “Elizabeth, what’s the dinner? Fish?” Suddenly Hook saw a map. “What’s that?” he said to himself. He went to the crew saying “I have found something very good, a map that leads us to Cocoplum Island with treasure, me hearties!”

Later on the crew went south. “Oh no!” the watcher said, “Captain Hook, we have gigantic waves ahead.” Bravely they went through the waves and the Island became closer. They had a problem, there was another ship.

Captain Hook said “War!” Then they got their bombs. Boom! Club! The other ship sank. Hooks crew had won the battle! They were so happy that they had won the fight.

The deck with brighter than the shining and sun soon it was dinner time. Cook Elizabeth said “Boys, food is ready”. They had fish for dinner and then went for a swim before they went to bed. In the morning the captain found a bright red ruby. He kept it for himself. He did not tell anyone!

Captain Hook was looking for his jewels. Suddenly, he found himself and the crew on a desert island. The cook was making fish and Hook said “Fish again?”

“Yes, but it is a fish pie”.

“This is where we are getting our treasure, it is on the map. Crew, wake up!” yelled the Captain.

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