Pirate Story by Munira Year 5

On a hot sunny day November the pirates all woke up from their sleep. The cook, Alvin, was making the breakfast. A member of the crew was waking everyone up. “Wakey! Wakey!”

Alvin was seven fish. Everybody jumped to their seats. “Halt! Everybody listen closely”. CLONK! BLONK! SPONK! CONK! They all stood up as the captain hover walked. He had an old ragged piece of paper. They all came closer. Was this what they were longing to see? Have they been waiting for this to seventy eight long…long.. years?

Excitedly they disembarked from the ship at Transylvania. They followed an old knight to a spooky castle. “I promise I’ll feed you with hot chocolate and chicken”. The evil crooked knight set them in a trap. He took them down to the dungeons and that is where they solved it. They were very clever and dug a hole underground and they went through. That’s not all! They freed their real captain and nursed him. The greedy pirates took all the money before they left the old ugly castle. When they escaped they looked back at the treasure map. They followed the map to a little island called it is Ismalva.

This little island was not any ordinary island, it was an island which has an electric orb all around it. The island was full of booby-traps, snakes and many more things. They heard a rustling in the bushes. Rattle….Slither… Bam! They heard of quartermaster whipping someone like he was whipping cream. Again they heard it. One by one each member of the crew came out. In the end captain Chooker came out.

In the end they defeated the ugly, nasty lions and they took all the booty. The quartermaster shared it all out to the others (even the cook Alvin was given some). If you are wondering what the crew’s name was it was the Red Killers. If you’re only what the individual names were here they are; Mildfer, Square, Siquira, Saara, Astrid, Squasher, Vleanna, Helverd and last of all Vic. When they took all the booty they sailed back to the Caribbean Sea.

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