Pirate Story by Lemar Year 5

Crash! The thunder boomed around the dry wooden boat. All the crew jumped in their seats. The storm had been ranging from half an hour. They were all scared so they shivered and chatted their teeth. However they were determined to find the treasure. Eventually one of the pirates called Red Beard spotted a desert island by looking through his telescope. “LOOK! LOOK!” shouted Red Beard, madly waving his hands in the air and pointing to the small speck in the distance. “That is where the treasure is!”

However when they got to the island there was a problem….dun..dun..dun.

All around the ship there were blue sharks and the pirates knew that there were bloodthirsty sharks because of the fins pointing out to the water.

“How we going to get to the island!” exclaimed Captain Red Beard.

“I know what to do to get to the island” announced Pirate Black Beard.

“What’s your idea?!” screamed Captain Red Beard.

“My idea is to throw fish in the water to distract them.”

As soon as the sharks were distracted the pirates swam calmly to the island and stole the precious treasure. Hooray!

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