Pirate Story by Jessica Year 5

A bright, glimmering sun was shining on the ship. You can hear the clink and clank of the cook’s tools cracking fish bones. Swish, sweep, splat, splash! The pirates were working their hardest while the captain relaxed peacefully. At the pirates started falling asleep, their dream start forming. Gold jewels and diamonds was all the pirates dreamed of.

The next morning the captain was furious because he couldn’t find his sword. Then he found the thing he had been longing for 20 years. It was a treasure map leading them to an island! “Wake up you sculleywumps!”(Means being lazy pirates) “You’re late! You are supposed to be scrubbing the decks” roared Captain Sparrow. Wackadoodley, the parrot, flew into the rooms but the pirates weren’t there…..

It turns out that the pirates were tormented and sobbing in a corner….. No one knew why, but it was because their dreams had not come true. “Stop sobbing sculleywumps because I’ve got a map leading to an island” screamed the captain. The pirates stood up and ran to their stations. Whoosh! Crash! Bump! A storm had come up and the is beautiful sun had disappeared and the sky was black and stormy. Gushing waves nearly drowned the pirates but they did not give up. Luckily the pirates made chain in the sea, saving their souls but they were as cold as ice.

Shiver, shiver, shiver, the pirates realised that the boat was drifting away. Luckily the anchor dropped, stopping the boat. As they swam they found the island. The quartermaster was so bad tempered he yelled “Hurry up you idiotic, spoilt and unsightly pirates we have to get to the island to check the gold!”(Nothing is better than gold),

Splish Splash Splosh! The pirates swam and finally arrived at the boat, but had no time to eat or warm up. They steered the boat to get to the island. An hour later they finally arrived the island but it was full of enemies. The captain with sour, beastly and vile but he knew he and his pirates would have to fall back. So they ran away and steered out safely…. and were never seen or heard of again.

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