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Street Child – Description of a setting – Heavenly Seetah Year 5

In the Victorian street you can hear children suffering and weeping for water and food. I can hear children and adults yelling. I can smell alcohol, horse poop and smoke that lingers around the narrow town. I can taste meet and gravy pies, buns, fruit and vegetables from the store from the store. I can touch animals, mould, dirty stuff and also grime on the wall. I can see violent families with children begging for money, water and food. I can see horses collapsing, drunk people falling, small shops, narrow roads and a smoking gloomy air. People are rushing everywhere and people selling food for a shilling so that I can buy food for themselves.

Street Child – A letter from the point of view of a character by Michelle Owusu-Ansah

Dear Ma

Why did you leave me in this grand, humongous house which doesn’t at all suit me? Firstly I don’t know if the master Rosie and Judd are going to like me, I hope they will. Working in this house is hard, furthermore I don’t know if I’m going to the workhouse because it really freaks me out.

Although Lizzie and I are here, how are you and Jim doing wondering on the streets on a cold winter’s day. I hope Jim isn’t going to work in the workhouse because I don’t want him to die in that disgusting, horrible, disgraceful place. Anyway how are you ma? I hope you are doing well with your health because I can’t cope looking after Lizzie, I want you to look after all of us like you’ve always done since we were together in the past.

Street Child – Description of a setting by Rafael da Silva

On the Victorians streets there are people that are poor, starving and roaming. I can see an extremely tired horse with lots of things on its back and it collapses. I can hear people selling food and lots of horses on cobbles. I can smell smoke, alcohol, water pollution and so much stench. I can taste food like apples, buns and pies. The stench of horse poop, food cooking, vomit and home homeless people. I can sadly hear people shouting, moaning, and screaming in pain, laughing, joking and music playing. I can touch slush, snow and mud.

Street Child – Description of a setting By Jessica Wong

On the street there are narrow pavements with homeless people begging for money, water or whatever they can get. Rich people zooming past the people who are on the floor maybe sick, hurt (nobody knows what’s wrong with them) and people are stomping past and not looking back. I can see people pickpocketing people on the floor, hurt homeless people begging, the smell of disgusting smelly poo, yummy food and the stench the horrible water pollution. People drinking, tasting stinky alcohol that fills the air making it stink. The rich people are eating tasty, delicious food like hot bread, fresh apples, sweet pies, while the homeless people sit there with an empty stomach with nothing to eat, not a single thing unless they have shillings!

In my crazy hair poem by Ashfaq Year 3

In my crazy hair there is a lion that roars like a baby

In my crazy hair there is some gold for the Pirates, Arrrggh!, in my crazy hair

In my crazy hair there is a big giant tiger, in my crazy hair

In my crazy hair there are some animals and people, in my crazy hair,

In my crazy hair there is a rabbit, in my crazy hair,

Righteous rabbit, ringing loud bells, in my crazy hair,

I dropped my hat on my mat, in my crazy hair.

In my crazy hair there is some cow milk, in my crazy hair,

One day as strong mist made me hurt my wrist and it was hard to make a fist, in my crazy hair.

Crazy hair poem by Nawal Year 3

My crazy hair is long as a giraffe neck,
Leaping lion as fast as a cheetah, fast as a  cheetah and a Lamborghini.
My crazy hair is a jumping, bouncing castle for leopards only.
My house is big like 200 double decker buses.
My baby is like a baby tiger,
My hair is long as nine double decker buses,
My brother is along as one double-decker bus,
My school is as long as 2 million double decker buses
My grandmother’s house is as long as one double-decker bus.


Retelling the story of Icarus and Daedalus by Chloe Year 3

Long long ago on the island of Crete there lived the Minotaur. He was half man and half human and only likes to eat the flesh humans. that land was ruled by King Minos, a very harsh man. King Minos wanted to have a very harsh punishment for his enemies. He asked Daedalus to build a maze where a human goes in and will never survive because the Minotaur gobbles him or her alive. He threw Icarus and his Daedalus into the maze to get eaten in the labyrinth. But the knew the way out way because Daedalus built the labyrinth. They survived but didn’t know how to get after the island. Daedalus looked up and said “If only I was a bird I could fly away to the other island”. Then Icarus said

“We can swim”

“It’s too dangerous” Daedalus said. “Gather round some feathers”

“OK Dad” said Icarus . He ran around to get some small medium and large feathers.

Letter to Quentin Blake by Mumtaz Year 3

Dear Quentin Blake,

I like your books because they are very funny and they’re very creative. They’re also very interesting. I like Zagazoo because it shows how many steps to grow up, for example when Zagazoo turned into an elephant and that showed if you’re 20 stuff down on the floor and it broke because it with glass. I like Professor Dupont because it is very funny. I don’t like Mister Magnolia because it repeats things. I don’t like the Green Ship because it is boring.


The Swimming Competition by Raymond Lee Year 6

Ding! Ding! Ben’s alarm clock woke him right up. While getting dressed he remembered that it was the day of the swimming competition. He was so excited he forgot all about his swimming kit! Mary his Mum shouted “Don’t go swimming, you hurt yourself” while she made his eggs

“OK mum” he shouted back”.

On the way to the school he remembered that he forgot his swimming kit. He ran back home and found his bag and sprinted back to school. finally getting Hanas Primary School he walked up stairs into the hall. “Oh, you’re here” mumbled his swimming coach. “ Hey try this on you’re going to wear it in the swimming competition”. As he went to try it on he was angry for not needing his swimming kit after all. He remembered that his mum told him not to go to the swimming competition but the swimming kit look so cool on him. It was lunch time as he is delicious lunch he was going to decide to go or stay at school. Thinking hard he couldn’t decide. He was like a kind hearted hunter thinking to kill the animal or not. He decided he wanted to change his mind but it was too late. He thought of the good side of going swimming, that if he won he would get shiny medal. He didn’t feel like he was doing the wrong thing anymore. Quickly getting off the bright red bus he felt nervous as his confidence flushed away in just a second. When he got inside the swimming pool it was so hot it was like a volcano erupting right behind him. They walked to the changing rooms and got changed quickly. Slowly he walked on the side of the swimming pool and finally he could start.

Exciting story opening by Mazda Osman Year 6

It wasn’t until I realised the money with missing that I was really having the feeling of the holidays. So I decided to turn on the PS4 but I couldn’t find the nero blue controller for the PS4. Now I had two things on my hand. Firstly dad is going to kill me and secondly, I have lost the possession I love the most. I went to Joey and Junior for help. “Joey! Junior! You need to help me. I have opened my dad’s safe, took £6 billion and gambled it away. Joey could you help me please? Junior, I’ve lost my favourite possession, the best nero blue controller for the PS4.”

“Alright hold your horses”, Joey said calmly.

“Well the £6 billion is hard, but the controller could be down the sofa.” Junior stated.

“What if it is on the other side of….” Joey cut me off .

“We know, we are going to make a plan to find the £6 billion, whilst you look for the controller!” he staggered.

“Be by Tesco’s at 6 o’clock to see how we progressed” Jerry continued.

We split apart. I drove the Lamborghini back home.