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Street Child By Maslah Osman Year 5

BANG! The noise of mad street children thumping the huge shop door. You can hear the tranquil sound of Jim Jarvis’s heavy boots entering the shop in hurry, jumping about with the shilling in his ice cold hands. “This is Ma’s last shilling”. “ Mam!” he cried “make it hot, big and creamy.”

“It is on its way love.” she replied peacefully.

Snatching the mouth-watering pie he wondered if it would be the last hot meal in his life. Jim tore the lovely smelling pie crust, as he entered the room. Thump, Thump, THUMP!…..   In a matter of moments, the door swung open. Silence.

“The rent, where is the money. NO RENT!THEN NO HOUSE!”, the remorselessly mean Mr Spink annouced at the top of his sharp voice.

“Please sir, please do not kick us out of the house! Emily cried.

” Give us one more day, Sir, please.” wheezed the old and crooked Mrs Jarvis. That was the first word she had said in weeks.

“Out you lot go!” yelled the cruel man angrily.

It took them days to get to Rosie’s place. “Rosie is a loving and caring young woman.” explained Mrs Jarvis.

“Are you sure?” asked Lizzie.

After a long period they reached Rosie’s place. The house was comfortable. Jim liked it but he had to carry on walking with his mum and leave the worried girls behind. They searched and searched until they were out of energy. The stopped and slept in a comfortable place. The next morning Jim’s mum died. Jim was going to have to go to the workhouse. The workhouse was not a safe place to stay. Days and days past by quickly. He felt a ‘wild thing’ inside him. “Come on bruvver you can do it, escape, you know it bruvver.”

He met a boy called Tim in the noisy workhouse. bang bang bang.

“We hate this place!” they both shouted at the top of their voices. They repeated it again and again until lunchtime. “Bread and cheese Jim thought. “I would rather starve, this is torture” he whispered to Tip. “This is a torture”

Jim became so used to the workhouse that he couldn’t remember where he used lived.

To be continued….

Street Child by Daniel Ng Year 5

Cold and poor Jim Jarvis hopped about on the edge on the road as the carriages flung muddy snow into his face. Yow! His last shilling almost burnt his hand! Jim pushed and shoved past all the skinny boys and dogs. Mrs Hodder tried to sweep out the snow but it was no use.

“Get out!” Mrs Hodder yelled.

“But I’ve come to buy a pie!” Jim whined as he opened and closed his fist trying to make his shilling wink at her.

“Then what pie do you want?” Mrs Hodder grunted.

“Just make it a big pie!” Jim suggested as he hopped up and down on the pie shop floor.

In seconds the pie was done! Jim took it, left the shilling on her counter and, TTFN he was gone. Zoom!

“Zooming’ through the streets of London, zooming’ through the streets of London!” Jim sang as he arrived at his room with his family in. As soon as Jim put the pie down he started shovelling it down; A: because he was starving and B: it tasted soooo good. Jim and his sisters had almost finished the eating the pie when Emily, (one of Jim’s sisters) started begging her mum to try some pie. She said “NO!”. Jim guessed that his mum was too sick to eat.

One hour later Jim almost fell asleep when there was a huge bang! Then there he was… the stick man (actually it was Mr Spink). Jim woke in a fright trying to crawl under his blanket when his sisters hauled him up to to face Mr Spink. Guess what happened next? They got kicked out! They travelled to Rosie’s place. Sadly Rosie only took Emily and Lizzie but not Jim. He was taken to the workhouse. The saddest moment is about to happen.

The next day he found out that his mum. . . died. Jim tried hard not to cry but in the end he cried so hard no one could stop his crying. Eventually he created a river of tears that took an hour to clear up. Jim let out a burst of tears and everyone did as well because no one had seen someone that sad. Days later Jim stopped crying and everything was better. He met Joseph and Tip. The one ting Jim didn’t enjoy were the tasteless meals. One day Jim volunteered to join the carpet beaters to have a chance to escape. He was carrying the carpet out and slipped away. Yes he was free! He could see Rosie and Emily and Lizzie and tell them that their mum died and all the bad news but they would be united again. Right now his life was a roller coaster.

Street Child By Analyce Year 5

The piping steam blew through his fingers, as they were sweating more than ever; to burst through the chipped wooden door, and the first thing you lay your eyes on was your very ill, sickly mother. What a devastating site! How would you feel?

Poor Jim woke up in the morning to find a six foot man standing over him, whipping his yellow hair whilst the hair grease dripped onto his pale face. The rest of his family were finally woken up by the deafening sound of the old man shouting! Who was it? It was Mr Spink the evil landlord that had come demanding for rent! The wicked human being spotted a purse on the wet, muddy floor, it was drowned in gravy.

Mr Spink started asking questions. “Did you buy a pie last night? Was it yummy? Did it cost a shilling?”.

“Yes” a scared Jim replied as he knew it was not good to lie; he hoped that because he had told the truth it would be ok. But then suddenly “That was your rent money” he whispered in a soft voice, “YOUR OUT!!!!!!”

The Jarvis’s shook in fear but they knew they had to leave, they knew what Mr Spink was like! A few hours later they reached Rosie. Luckily she said that Emily and Lizzie could stay but sadly Jim and his mum had to find somewhere else to live. So off to workhouse it was for him! Jim and his mother were extremely tired so they dozed off for a nap on the side walk. Jim woke up to find that his mum was DEAD!!!…

The next day Jim met a new friend, his name was Tip. They both decided that the horrid building was no place for any young boy so they tried to escape. The two youngsters went to help with the carpet beating, that was their only chance, that was their new home. Tip backed out, Jim was leaving no matter what, so he stuck to the plan. He held his breath, squeezed in his tummy, slid through the iron bar of the gate and he was free.

The young boy wondered through the streets searching for a house with the boot scraper, considering that’s where he last saw Rosie. Finally he found it. He tripped up and stuttered against a girl. Rose was no longer there. This woman called Betsey took Jim to Rosie. Jim told Rosie all about what had happened and he saved the worst bit till last “my mother died”. Rosie nursed him, whilst he sobbed himself to sleep. When he awoke he found himself in a shed, waiting to be kidnapped by a revolting man called Grimy Nick…. He was scared. Would you be?

Grimy Nick made Jim his slave. The remorselessly cruel beast was unfit to look after a child as he could barely help himself. One day Jim had had enough so he decided to escape, but unfortunately he got his leg bitten, so he tried again a couple of years later and he did it. He joined the circus with Madam Juglini. As he was about to get paid he saw a mysterious figure ion the lantern light! So he left.

Letter to Quentin Blake by Bilal Year 3

I just wanted to ask, how did you make your books so good? Like for instance Cockatoos, I wonder if you can write more books? How did you get the idea for Mr Magnolia? My favourite book is Zagazoo. I like how you have passion with your books. I think you are the best author ever. How many books did you write? I like how you personalise your books.

Yours sincerely,


Letter to Quentin Blake by Zalia Year 3

Dear Quentin Blake,

I love your books so much!

But I don’t much like Cockatoos because it is a bit boring. If you could improve it then my school could have a look at your wonderful books. I love the BFG because it has a small little girl that is happy because she had seen the BFG. I hope you have a wonderful day.

P.S. Your books need inspiration and fascinating pages with colours.

Yours sincerely


Letter to Quentin Blake by Timor Year 3

Dear Quentin Blake,

Your books hold inspiration also your books have magic and adventure. But Cockatoos could have a little bit more of adventure. Quentin Blake your passion is books with Roahl Dahl. The Green Ship is not magical enough; please add a lot of magic in that book. Quentin Blake, tell Roahl Dahl to make his books more adventurous. Your books must be more mysterious and adventurous. Your books need more inspiration so take a holiday to ease your mind and brain because they must be very tired. Go to a place full of harmony. Mr Magnolia is fun and ridiculous but it needs more inspiration. Quentin Blake, you need harmony, quiet, peace and prosperity. The greatness of your books is fantastic. Quentin Blake your mind needs more sleep and peace and harmony. Your books are fantastic at adventure, but always include myth and reality. Quentin Blake your passion for books is simply astonishing and amazing. Harmony is needed for a hard working author. Quentin Blake you have good intentions.

Yours sincerely


Letter to Quetin Blake by Peter Year 3

Dear Quentin Blake,

This is year 3 Vauxhall Primary School. I love all your fantastic books. I think I like Zaga Zod best and Cockatoos second best. However, maybe you can improve The Green Ship because I don’t like it at all; I just think it is too boring. Maybe make it more magical. As for Mr Magnolia and Mrs Armitage, they are both amazing too, but can you add more voyages next time. A massive, immense thank you Quentin Blake. What was the first book you ever made by yourself? How old are you? Why did you become an author? Why did you become an illustrator? What made you become a book maker? I am very sorry, but can you do more, when I say more, I mean loads more. Please, please make a book and call it that Awesome Pie/Cake because I really like cake and pie.

Yours sincerely,


Sreet Child by Lorine Year 5

Yummy! Unblocking my noise was a beatuiful, mouthwaterting, gravy pie! There was a friendly boy called Jim Jarvis and his poor old family, the Jarvis’s. Jim Jars bought a pie with the last shilling from a big woman with pies everywhere in her shop. Dogs were barking and growling around the door with skinny boys begging for food.

Do you think Jim’s family will survive without any money? Well not really, beacuse his mum had to pay the rent today! Jim took the last coin and ran as fast as possible. His sisters were eating the hot pie, his mum was in bed for days and still hadn’t came out.

Jim asked his sisters “Is mum going to eat?, because I have a feeling she is feeling ill”

His sister Emily looked at Jim and replied “Just eat and don’t talk beacuse she is alright and will be leaving for work soon and get more money.”

Jim sat afraid and cut another piece of pie for his mum. He gave it to her but she wouldn’t eat beacuse she was fast asleep. Jim was shaking the bed but she moved to the other side. As soon as Jim sat back down they heard a loud noise coming from the front door. After, they heard a really hard knock that woke Jim’s mum up. Once Jim opened the door  he saw the greedy, stinky, rude landlord,  Mr Spink. He only cares about himself, money and eating. How cruel can he be?

“Please don’t take anything because we don’t have any more money!” Lizzie cried as she was on the dusty floor on her knees.

Jim was so scared he kept his  mouth shut and didn’t say a word. Mum hesitated saying “please…..please don’t kick us out, just give us a few more days and I’ll give you all the money I have!”.  Jim’s mum was hoping he would let them off.

“NO WAY!” shouted Mr Spink as he cleaned the sweat off from his bald, distugting head. Jim coudn’t belive it. He knew his mum was sick but his sisters were just pretending all along. “No money, no rent, no house. fair as square.” Mr Spink said in a evil way. “You have untill tommrow to be packed and leave the house. ” Mr Spink said while walking towards the door. Before he left he put a evil grin on his nasty face and slammed the door (as always).

By the morining Jim was afraid in case they would go somewhere unsafe or maybe his mum died and he would be alone. While they were walking Jim was holding his mother in case she fell.

Lizzie asked “Where are we going?” As she was helping Jim hold her sickly mum.

Her mother relpied “We are going to meet a friend of mine down the quieter streets. I used to work with her and her name is Rosie.” His mum sat down to take a little rest on the side and Jim’s two sisters sat with her and Jim was still holding her arm. Finally they got to Rosie’s area where it was nice and quiet. They walked to her doorstep. They all helped their mum. As soon she knocked the door, the door was opened by Rosie with her powdery hands. “Hi, how have you been?” They both hugged each other. They both have been friends for about 7-8 years.

Jim’s mum asked Rosie “Please look after Lizzie and Emily untill Sunday because I have to figure out where to keep them. I promise I’ll come back on Sunday.” Rosie agreed and Jim and his mother said goodbye and left.

They were both walking untill his mum had to sit and take a rest again. Jim and his mother  sat on the side watching people go by. His mum was sleeping untill the police took them to the Workhouse. The Workhouse was a terrible place. It’s was worse than jail. Jim’s mother died………but Jim didn’t know it!

The Warning Story by Anfal Year 6

Gran came into the kitchen looking exhausted and worn out, she approached us slowly. “Now make sure you DON’T go next door while I am sleeping” she announced with a deep and tired voice. Sadek looked at Mark deviously.

Mya announced “Don’t get any ideas you guys!”.

As Ishrah walked up to Mya she wondered if she would like to play a game. They both went into the kitchen, leaving the boys alone in the living room.

“Hey Mark” said Sadek as sneaky as a snake., “Do you want to go next door?”

“You know me so well” declared Mark. They tiptoed out of the door. Eventually the girls came back into the living room, to see that the boys were gone!

“I bet I know where they went, don’t you?” Ishrah told Mya, red like lava.

They both stormed out of the house to see Mark, standing frozen at the door of the abandoned cemetery. Mark was standing alone.

“Mark” shouted Mya!”where’s Sadek?”

“I don’t know. “ squeaked Mark.

“What happened?” wondered Ishrah.

“Well, we went in, then I heard a scream “said Mark.

“It sounded like Sadek (well it was kind of like a girl) then I ran out, screaming my head off”

“We have to go look for him” Ishrah said worriedly.

“Do we have to?” Mya said sadly.

Ishrah and Mark looked at Mya with disappointment. “Fine” puffed Mya.

They entered the abandoned cemetery. Their only goal was to find Sadek. As they crept quietly they stumbled upon a pile of bones, a splatter of blood, a body and the most scary thing of all, a badge, saying “Bye Bye life”! They all screamed in fear as they ran towards the door. That was the last time they went to the cemetery. Mark had learnt to always listen to his Gran.

By the time they got home their Gran was awake. Mark, being too ashamed of himself, let Mya break the bad news. She was so scared, she fainted. Mark grabbed the phone and called the ambulance. They told the remaining kids “This is what happened if you don’t listen to warnings!

The Warning Story by Ishrah Year 6

“And whatever you do DON’T let the baby into that horrifying kitchen!” Mum roared, like a ferocious lion preparing to feast on its banquet of smelly little children.

Sam, who had a nuisance of a little sister whose name was Claire, was sitting paralysed (some would say he was not even breathing in the air…)

Unfortunately for mum Sam was a mischievous little 11 year old boy who had never ever listened. Or did he? He had been staring at the TV with his blue bulging eyes like he does every day of his life.

Bang! Crash!

“Ahh” screeched Claire. “Oh no!”

The noise came from the messy kitchen. But Sam’s bright red eyes were fixed on the colossal TV until unexpectedly he smelt gassy smoke. He felt extremely helpless and hurt. Despite the hate he had for his sister he still loved her and there was a fire and his sister was nowhere to be seen.

While the scorpion fire scorched, Sam and his sister were reunited. Putting out the fire cost Sam a burn on his pale skin. “I hate you!” he yelled with all the might in his lungs. (but he will always love her). Mum barged through the wooden door to get an unexpected hug. Sam rushed to greet her with warm hands.

“What did I get this for?” mum asked with surprise.

However there was no answer. “Fire” mumbled Claire…

Would mum find out?