Eddie The Penguin Saves The World!

This year for our Whole School production we will be performing ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves The World!’

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World! is a winter themed play all about environmental issues, from recycling to saving
water and gas.

You can practice all the songs at home by using these media players! :

‘The Melting Song’:

‘W’ere Great Big Polar Bears’:

‘The Walking Song’:

‘If You’re feeling cool, dress hot!’


‘The Recycling Song’:

‘One World’:

Please practice these songs as much as possible so that you know all of the words off by heart for the play!

Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Radio Show

In history and computing this half term Shubert, Mariam Aziz, Mohamed, Aicha , Mustaf and Munira have been working on a special project. They have created a radio show to tell people what life was like for ordinary people in Anglo-Saxon times.

To gather information and facts for their radio show, they came up with questions about Anglo-Saxon life (for example – What did they eat?). They then used the tablets to research the answers to these questions and used this information to write their radio show.

They have put a lot of hard work into making the radio show, I hope you enjoy listening!